Antonio M. Xoubanova (1977) studied photography at Escuela de Arte no 10 in Madrid. Upon nishing his studies in 2003, he set up BlankPaper collective alongside other photographers with shared interests.

He is the recipient of several awards and grants: he received the FotoPres’07 grant from Fun- dació La Caixa, to help the realisation of his rst project M30; a grant from the Ministry of Culture to work on a project at the Colegio de España in Paris; a prize for documentary pho- tography at the ARCO’05 art fair; rst prize in the 18th edition of Renfe’s ‘Caminos De Hierro’; and a grant from the Fundación Santa María de Albarracin, among others.

His work has been published in GEO, Herald Tribune, New York Times, IMA, DAZED, PDN, BJP, El Semanal, Yo Dona, and he regularly collaborates with El Mundo. He also conducts workshops and lessons in BlankPaper Escuela and curates exhibitions at La Irreal gallery to- gether with Maria Serrano.

His images have been exhibited at CaixaForum in Barcelona, Galería Olido in São Paulo, the Centro Cultural, Conde Duque in Madrid, and within festivals such as Albarracín’s Jornadas de Fotografía, Tra c in Barcelona, ECO, SevillaFoto and PHotoEspaña. His photographs were also published in FiestaFiesta01 fanzine (FiestaEdiciones).

In February 2013 he published his rst book, Casa de Campo, with MACK. The project was exhibited at the Brachfeld Gallery (Paris) in March 2013. The work has been also exhibited at the Madrid Council in an exhibition entitled ‘CityScapes’, with Joel Sternfeld, Jane Campi- on, Txema Salvans and Guy Tillim. On desember 2013 Casa de Campo is exhibited at the Le Bal’s (Paris) Exhibition “Regard sur la nouvelle scène photographique espagnole” with Óscar Monzón, Ricardo Cases and Aleix Plademunt’s work.

In 2014 he has an exhibition in the cycle 1 + 1 = 12 at the French Institute of Madrid called GI- GANTE with Aleix Plademunt . This year also showed Casa de Campo in the Fotocolectania in Barcelona.

In 2015 he exhibit Campo de Casa in “ Photography Now ! Vol.2 : Spanish New Horizon “ . IMA Concept Store , Tokyo Japan and began working with the Gallery Angeles Baños where he had his rst show of Un Universo Pequeño. Project published this year with the Catalan publishing- house Ca l’Isidret and and the Japanese RONDADE.

In 2016 he exhibit Un Universo Pequeño in Wer-haus gallery in Barcelona, in CentroCentro en Madrid Festival Fiebre. In may, he goes to ARCO Lisboa with Gallery Angeles Baños and publish a Photobolsillo with his colective Blank Paper with La Fabrica. Now, he is working with his new project La invención de la rueda.

“Antonio M. Xoubanova is a photographer and the co-founding member of the Blank Paper Collective. Following the success of his first book Casa de Campo, Un Universo Pequeño explores the different worlds experienced in a single city on a minute temporal level. Xoubanova set himself the challenge of measuring the elastic nature of time by photographing in one square meter of a busy Madrid street. This extraordinary book translates this experiment by scaling the images according to the span of the shutter speed. It’s a complex as it sounds, but affects a Proustian sense of time.”—Michael Mack