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In the end, I think the most important thing is that everything that makes a book, the choice of paper, the size, the way it’s bound, the quality of the printing, the scans… everything should always be tailored to the book. So for example, if it’s not necessary to have the book bound then don’t do it. All these decisions, all these choices (type, cover material, …) – in the end they should be fitting for the photographs or the story that is told with the photographs.
As a designer I believe it’s my role to question a project. (Hans Gremmen)

When designing a book, I go back and forth between a macro view and a micro view.
If You Came Here to Have Fun, You Will (Jason Fulford)

I wanted to do a sort of fable from small stories to try to approach to the human condition. The book has five chapters dealing subjects that obsess me and are present in my life: the first chapter talks about love, the second about death. The following get more abstract and symbolic, dealing with fleeting moments and the feeling of being lost and trapped in a place you don’t want to be. At the same time my idea was to make a tragicomic book, because in a way this is how I live my life: I go from happiness to the opposite in a breath. And that should be reflected in my photography.
The photographic process is an attempt to find solutions to many doubts (Antonio Xoubanova)